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Star Plast sells equipment for welding polyethylene pipes, machines for welding HDPE pipes, as well as devices for welding plastic and PVC pipes. Sale of welding machines for HDPE pipes.
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Create an online store with a large nomenclature base. Integrate with suppliers, delivery and payment services. Attract customers to the site and increase sales.


We created a website on the 1C-Bitrix CMS in the Small Business editorial office, deployed and configured a template solution, which reduced the cost of the project and the time for implementation. We have set up a trade catalog with trade offers so that it is possible to place several different complete sets of different values in one product. Implemented the buyer's personal account, set up email alerts for buyers and sellers. We have set up integration with the payment system and delivery services.
Set up an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct, Yan and Google Ads. More fine-tuning by target audience, cost per click and impression was done using the Elama bid manager. We have set up integration with Yandex Market.

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