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Lenkhimsintez reporting system

LENKHIMSINTEZ is engaged in washing, steaming, warming up and repairing tank trucks and tank containers.
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Create a portal solution with a reporting system where Lenhimsintez employees could upload a photo report and basic information on the service provided, and the customer could get acquainted with this information in his personal account and receive a generated electronic certificate.


We have created a portal solution CMS 1C-Bitrix in the editorial office of Start and Vue.js . Integrated Email applications with applications on the portal so that employees could see all applications in one place. We have created a section for employees, with the ability to create a report, back up the necessary photos and generate certificates. Instant filtering by the list of reports. We have set up automatic certificate generation, sending Email notifications to the customer, with attached pdf certificates, basic information and a link to the reporting system.
In the customer's personal account, they implemented the possibility of creating an application, instant filtering by reports, quick viewing and downloading of the certificate.

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