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1C-Bitrix licenses

1C-Bitrix: Site Management Licenses

License Start
14 modules
License Standard
22 modules
License Small Business
32 modules
License Business
50 modules

We will return 10% bonuses to the account for the purchase of one of the licenses*
*The remuneration is not monetary and can only be used to provide ItPin services

Renewal of the license "1C-Bitrix: Site Management"

License Start (renewal)
License Standard (renewal)
License Small Business (renewal)
License Business (renewal)
Web Cluster license (renewal)
Web Cluster license (renewal)

Annual product updates (new functionality, interface and security updates) are performed using SiteUpdate technology, which allows you to download and install updates without involving technical specialists. Updates do not violate the content of the site and completely exclude data loss.

The cost of renewal is 25% of the price of your license. The license activity period is extended for one year from the moment of coupon activation. You can activate the renewal coupon before the end of the license activity period within 30 days. The license can be renewed only once during the year.

You can buy an extension at any time and update your website or online store to the latest version (when you renew your license, you get the opportunity to use all product updates released during the period when your license was inactive).