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ItPin is a website design and development studio.
We create websites from landing pages to highly loaded portals. We set up and place ads in search engines and on websites. We package our clients' business and make it possible to influence sales through advertising. We implement CRM systems and automate business with the help of business processes.
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We are approached by shops, specialists and private entrepreneurs to create an online platform for the sale of goods or services. We will design and create a conversion site, help you invest competently in advertising channels, finish the social mechanics and make sure that all this works. We will set up end-to-end analytics to understand how much the client costs and what kind of advertising works, synchronize orders from the website or social networks into the CRM system. You don't have to delve into development and promotion. We will take over all the design, programming, marketing and advertising: we have a team of managers and developers working for this.

Our hobby is creating websites on CMS 1C-Bitrix and WordPress. We have a team of marketers who understand advertising platforms. We are also partners of 1C-Bitrix, Bitrix24 and Google, so commercial projects are not a problem for us. Our best examples of implementation: UralMetall online store, VGA-Group, the website of the company Exportspb.rf.

In 2019, a corporate portal and an online store were integrated into one platform for the UralMetall group of companies. We have placed product catalogs in Yandex and Google marketplaces. We have done SEO promotion of the section with metal structures and hangars. We implemented the Bitrix24 CRM system, synchronized applications and orders from the site.

For the VGA-Group company, they helped to deploy an online store within a week, fill it with goods with trade offers. Optimize the site loading speed on mobile devices and computers.